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When Utah residents saw 22-year-old Darrien Hunt carrying a toy sword, they called police who shot and killed him. But when 22-year-old Joseph Kelley carried an assault rifle to a JC Penney store in Utah, he walked out without a scratch on his body. They were both the same age. Both in the same state. But only one was considered “suspicious.” And you still believe America is color blind?

The guy had a blunt sword, part of a costume. Was leaving a cos-play event.

Utah is horrible.

America is horrible.


Gotta fact check this real quick…..


Spoopy Art Challenge day one: Fall leaves

This is my watercolor fall leaf dragon… kind of rushed because i forgot about untill like 6:00 oop s hope you guys like it

Btw the neck - ginko leaves, the top of the head is maple, the crest of the eye is japanese maple, birch branch horns, pine needle bristles, and the cheek is oak. idk about the rest


Well shit




I sometimes wonder if Americans get this part of the film, because basically all the Swans in England belong to the Queen and it’s against the law to kill one, and because they’re Police Officers, they obviously can’t break the law so they save the Swan

I am an american and I had no idea thank

I am british and I had no idea thank

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